What do our Companions say about us?

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We are very lucky to have an absolutely fab bunch of both male and female companions working for us. While our companions aren’t currently visiting our clients due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we thought we would take the time to interview some of them so they can let you know what it’s really like to be a companion at Adorno Companions.

What’s it like to be a Companion?

“Adorno are listening and help to find solutions to concerns. I feel that I can approach them whenever I need to. They are keen to receive feedback and seem to have a ‘let’s work together’ attitude. It seems the question “what can we do to support a customer,” is very much at the forefront of their companionship mission.”

“Adorno have always offered support at every step of the way and I have no hesitation in talking to them whenever the need arises. They are approachable and have the experience to offer sound advice but also to listen when I need someone to talk to. ”

How do you think Adorno’s clients benefit?

“It is clear that the companionship is a vital component in ensuring that the clients quality of life is improved or enhanced. Our presence allows the existing carer/family member to enjoy some much needed respite in the knowledge that their loved one is in safe hands.” 

What attracted you to Adorno Companions?

“I was attracted to Adorno because I liked the idea of being able to help local people in their own homes and as I have no official caring qualifications Adorno was perfect for me. Also, the salary was attractive.”

What was the recruitment process like?

“The recruitment process was very professional and you both helped me feel at ease during the interview .The same goes for the induction and training.”

“I became aware of Adorno after receiving an advert leaflet through the letter box. Adorno were not advertising for employees at the time when I was looking into changing my existing employment. I rang them and they kept my details on file and stated that they will get back to me should an opportunity arise. They phoned me and a meeting was set up to get to know each other. We met at an agreed venue, the whole process felt relaxing and I felt that I was very much listened to.”

How does Adorno compare to other similar organisations you have worked for?

“From initial induction to training processes there does not seem to be much variation apart from environment (no office but need not be). What Adorno are advertising is that they very much concentrate on the companionship type of ‘care’, without offering personal care or medication administration. From experience I know how little time there can be freed up to champion companionship when visiting clients. Adorno fill that gap and help to reduce loneliness and promoting independence. Everyone wants to serve a purpose in life and be active, regardless of predicaments or impairments. Adorno seems to understand how hard hitting being alone can be.”

What was the induction and training process like?

“The induction was a face to face process and in an agreed environment. Adorno explained the recruitment process and what they were aiming to offer to prospect customers. After completion of vetting Adorno offered online training programs and since then are always there for me to speak over the phone should I have any queries or concerns. I like the fact that they are very much open to suggestions.”

Is there anything else you want to say about working for Adorno?

“Right from the start when having received a phone call from Susan and then meeting up with Emma I felt that Adorno stands for being on a ‘MISSION’. By that I mean it becomes clear that you both are not just engaging in your roles to just pass time, but you genuinely are showing such compassion to try and make life a little more spirited and enlightening for the elderly community, their families and supporters. I have learned that Emma is very much involved in our community meeting up with various local organisations to spread more understanding about dementia, loneliness and gaps in our health care system. Gaps which can be filled by being a companion.”

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