How to access our services for free.

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For most families with a loved one that has had an injury, diagnosis or are progressing into their later years, it is a daunting time to have to arrange new care services.

That is exactly why we want to let you in on how to access our services for free, as costs are covered by your local authority. A lot of Disabled Over 65s (2.4 million individuals as of October 2019) are missing out on Attendance Allowance according to National Debt Charity, Turn2Us. Adorno Companions therefore pledge, if you think you or a loved one may be eligible for Attendance Allowance, we will make sure we put you in touch with an organisation that can help with the application.

A lot of Disabled Over 65s (2.4 million individuals as of October 2019) are missing out on Attendance Allowance according to National Debt Charity, Turn2Us.

What is Attendance Allowance?

Attendance Allowance is a non means-tested (Tax Free!) payment made to either the individual themselves or their nominated representative to fund any activities in their day to day life that need ‘attending’ to and to help them stay as independent as possible. This could be for either:

(i) Supervision or

(ii) Attention / Personal Care

Who is eligible for Attendance Allowance?

To qualify for Attendance Allowance the individual must be over state pension age, have needed help for at least 6 months, and have a disability which means they need to be regularly checked on to prevent ‘significant danger’. This might be, for example, because of: memory loss, a risk of falling, cognitive impairment, arthritis, dementia, a risk of leaving gas on or risk of seizures.

What can Attendance Allowance be used for?

Whatever the individual wants to spend it on. Most of our clients cover the majority of the cost of our services this way. Lots of people use it for things that make their family life easier. This might include some of the following things:

  1. Companionship visits
  2. Respite for carers to attend their own appointments
  3. To put towards personal care costs
  4. Trips out from a care home if it is self-funded
  5. Transport to appointments
  6. Trips out or transport costs
  7. Cleaning
  8. Gardening
  9. Healthy cooking or meal planning
  10. General household tasks

How much will I get (based on 20/21 rates)?

There is a daytime and night-time test to meet the criteria for each of the rates. These rates per week are separated as follows:

The Higher rate – £89.15 per week

The Lower rate – £59.70 per week

You are eligible for the higher rate if you need ‘Attendance’ both day and night and the lower rate if:

  1. You need someone to continually check on your loved one
  2. You need frequent help with their personal care

Who isn’t eligible?

Individuals that do not require to be continually checked on, don’t require personal care, or already receive Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) or the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) aren’t eligible, as this type of payment pays for your care and attendance already.

How do you apply?

When applying you should highlight the help the individual actually needs not what you are currently getting. This will help assessment of your application. If successful, the payment will go straight into the individual or nominated representative’s bank account.

All you need to do now is fill out the Attendance Allowance Application Form either on screen and print, or with paper and pen, and post to:

Attendance Allowance Unit
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 2AD

Let’s help Over 65s keep the independence they deserve. For more information about the services we provide please see the Our Services section of our website.

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