Frequently Asked Questions

What isn't included in my hourly charge?

The hourly charge does not include Companion mileage costs in their own car and expenses for activities, food and drink during the visit. We are able to offer expenditure and mileage caps.

How long can my visit be?

Our minimum visit time is 2 hrs for each visit – and a minimum of 1 visit per week. There is currently no maximum number of hours we can support. Please contact us to discuss individual requirements.

How do I pay for my bookings?

Invoices are issued one month in arrears near the end of the month and paid via: GoCardless, our Direct Debit system, bank transfer or cheque.

What is the maximum time I can book?

There is currently no maximum number of hours that we can support. We will try to accommodate all requests based on demand and availability.

Can I book a companion for a couple of weeks only?

This will dependent on current availability.

Can my partner/friend and I have a joint companion?

Yes two people may be able to share a single companion, dependent on availability. 

Do you provide personal care?

Please note we do not provide personal care or administer medication.

Can I have a trial with a Companion?

All new clients are welcome to treat the first month as a trial with their new matched companion.

What else do I pay for?

All expenses incurred for the client and the  companion whilst out and about eg: bus tickets, coffee, lunch, mileage (charged at HMRC rates – 55p per mile). We are happy to accomodate the use of an ‘Activity Kitty’ if appropriate.  We can also set caps on any expenditure and mileage. Please note – You will not be charged any mileage for the companion travel to and from their home.

What if my visit time is extended through no fault of my own - i.e delay with a hospital appointment?

Dependent on companion availability, we are happy to accomodate any extended visits. These will be charged at the standard rate. 

How much notice do I need to cancel a single booking?

For bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, we reserve the right to charge our normal fee depending on the Client’s circumstances.

Adorno Companions reserve the right to cancel in unforeseen circumstances.

How do I terminate the agreement?

Either party may terminate the agreement with 14 days’ notice subject to there being no outstanding charges payable to Adorno Companions.

What personal information do we collect and why do we collect it?

For the purpose of providing this service as agreed, we need to store a limited amount of personal information. All personal information held by Adorno Companions will be stored securely and treated with confidentiality and respect at all times.
We may record:

-Contact details of customers or customer connected parties (e.g. families)
-Date of birth
-Allergies / Relevant Heath data
-Financial data (for payment)
-Any other information that you choose to send to us.

This information is recorded only for us to contact you and to support in the provision of the service as agreed and is not used for any marketing purposes

Are we registered with the Care Quality Commission?

Our Companions provide independence support concentrating on wellness.  While a number of our clients do require nursing or regular medical care, we do not provide personal care. We work alongside a number of home care and care home providers but are not registered ourselves with the CQC.

What happens if a Companion can't make a visit?

If a companion is on holiday or off sick we ask the client if they would like us to supply a temporary replacement companion which we would source from our existing workforce, subject to availability. There is no additional charge for this service. 

What Our Clients Say

So lucky to have such great companion care available in Chipping Sodbury. Emma and her team are fantastic - they really do care about the people they're providing support for.

thumb Caroline Wilkinson

Emma and her team first met with mum just after she had lost dad. Emma made sure she matched a companion who had something in common with mum and that she could have a good old chat with. Having our companion has not only given me piece of mind, it’s meant I no longer have to worry about mum relying on me for every single little job she needs doing. A companion means we get more quality time together and mum is much happier.

thumb Tiffany Rose

Adorno listen to the needs of the client and make sure they do their very best to deliver a top class service with respect, professionalism and always a smile.

thumb Hazel Kumar
Emma Doney

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