About Us

Emma Doney

Adorno Partner

My social care career started in 2008 when I took a part time job as a support worker for vulnerable children and adults in both residential and respite settings. I also have experience of resettling people back into their own homes after rehabilitation for an acquired brain injury.

After graduating from University I went on to gain a Diploma in Leadership and Management as well as being involved in a number of project and programme management roles.

During this time, my grandmother developed Alzheimer’s Disease and was provided with less than adequate social support, despite the expensive care home fees! As I lost my own mother aged 9, this was particularly devastating as my grandmother and I were very close. This spurred me on to, one day, look to improve social support for vulnerable people.

After a brief spell in marketing, and the birth of my first daughter, Adorno Companions was established.

Susan Price

Adorno Partner

I have a long and varied career, which includes 15 years working as a Registered Nurse in both the NHS and private sector, and 20 years in work related to Patient Safety within the Pharmaceutical industry.

My family and I have recently had first-hand experience of how loneliness and social-isolation can impact a senior member of a family – even when residing in a 5 star care home.

I believe we all do understand the importance of having regular contact with friends and family as well as being involved in community activities and outings. However, we also know that this can at times prove a challenge both personally and geographically!

Emma and I are now working together to provide a quality companion service that we hope can bring hugely positive benefits both for our immediate clients and their family.